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Perhaps you are undergoing a change in your life and are having difficulty adjusting to it. Maybe you are experiencing prolonged anxiety, depression, emptiness, or a loss of meaning or purpose. Therapy can help you make sense of your situation and can provide you with tools to manage conflict and liberate you from behaviors that hold you back from the life you deserve.

My style is empathic and non-judgmental. I don’t believe in staring at one another in silence, I do believe there is a place for humor in therapy. Typically I practice evidence-based psychotherapy, which means that I use treatment that has been shown to be effective with certain clinical presentations. Most commonly, I use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). CBT is an active approach to treatment in which I work collaboratively with my clients to identify, evaluate and if necessary modify problematic patterns of thinking, as well as to acquire behavioral skills to manage emotional distress and/or make positive changes in their lives.

Together we can explore whatever issues arise, working towards forgiveness, acceptance, security, growth, authenticity, spontaneity, and joy. You can attain a life in which you feel grounded and motivated. It means living without guilt, shame and anxiety at every turn with the goal of inner peace and a sense of purpose.

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